Just Imagine "If Disney Ran Your Business, What Would It Look Like?"

Just Imagine "If Disney Ran Your Business, What Would It Look Like?"

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Here Is Why John Is One Of The Most
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Are You Tired of the Same Boring Speakers Year After Year at Your Event?
Are You Looking For an Exciting, Unique, Engaging, Content Filled, Entertaining Speaker to Wow Your Audience or Team?
Learn How to Attract More Customers, Clients, Members or Patients?
Secrets to Build Customer Loyalty for Life?
Be Inspired to Create Your Own Disney-like Culture?
Implement Disney Leadership Strategies?
Create a ‘Whistle While You Work’ Team Environment?

This Ex-Disney Guy Will “WOW” Your Audience and Show You How to Create a Disney-like Culture and “Magical” Customer Experience”!

John, “America’s Customer Experience Coach” and the leading authority in the service industry and business culture growth, will share his incredible experiences,real best practices and proven Disney success strategies, all in an inspiring and entertaining way.

To be successful today in any industry you have to know how to differentiate your business or organization from your competition, no longer compete on price, find and hire the right people, have an engaged staff and provide a memorable customer experience that people will talk about. If Disney can do that why can’t you?

“If Disney Ran Your Business?”

Have you ever wondered how the Disney Company continues to create a dynamic model on business excellence, leadership, team relationships, and customer experience culture? Learn what your business or team would look like if the Disney Company ran it.

“Making Relationships Magical!”

Would you like to learn how to communicate, connect, be more likable and memorable to others in 30 seconds or less, to create lasting relationships with your customers, team and staff and build customer/employee loyalty for life?

“Making Leadership Magical!”

Imagine if you knew Disney’s leadership strategies to lead a productive customer focused team and finally get out of baby-sitting your present staff. Learn how to build an engaging and empowering team today!

“How to Find and Hire Magical People!”

Are you tired of having a revolving door of bad hires, staff turnover, lazy and unproductive people working in your business? Learn how to find, interview and hire the right people in today’s challenging environment.

“Making The Workplace Magical!”

Have you ever wondered how Disney employees are so engaged, creative, productive, team oriented and enjoy what they do? Would you like to learn how to create your own “Whistle While You Work” positive team environment in your organization?

Dream, Dare, Believe and Do!

Learn how John used Walt Disney’s inspiration in his attempt to survive climbing a glacial mountain and how you can use these same strategies to overcome challenges, reach your goals and achieve success in business, career and in life!

What Are Event Planners Saying About John

John was Fantastic! High energy, enthusiastic, funny and engaged the audience with stories, tips and real life Disney examples. Best keynote I have ever attended!

- Kim, GM, Hilton Hotels World Wide