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John & James Malinack
John with Reality TV Star,
James Malinchak of ABC’s
"The Secret Millionaire"

It is all about the Customer Experience
and making it Magical!

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"John was Fantastic! He's high energy, enthusiastic and very funny with lots of stories and real life Disney examples. It was extremely easy to learn and apply. Best keynote I have ever attended!"
Kirstin, Marriott Hotels

Bring an “Ex-Disney Guy” to make MAGIC at your next conference, event, team training or business community!

  • HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW the Walt Disney World Resort® and other successful companies continue to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Team Working Environment and Customer Service?
  • DOES YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT have the right people that are loyal, committed and enjoy doing their jobs toward achieving your team and organization's goals?
  • DO YOU HAVE A PLAN to Attract More Customers, Create Customer Loyalty For Life, Beat Out Your Competition and compete in this challenging economy?

As a former Disney Hotel leader and known throughout the U.S. as "America's Best Customer Experience Coach," John shares his incredible experiences and 25 years of proven success strategies to help your organization create a "Magical Customer Experience" and Culture. Learn best practices you can apply right away to increase your market profile, beat out your competition, wow your customers, and increase employee loyalty to lead the way in this new economy.

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