I recently presented a training program for the Beaver Creek Ski Resort staff in Colorado. If your not familiar with the Beaver Creek Resort, they are known to be the “Best Luxury Family Ski Resort” in the world. From my experience with working with their leadership team and employees, I can see why. They provide an amazing customer experience.

During my visit, I walked around their wonderful village and dined at a small pizza restaurant called The Blue Moose. While inside the restaurant, I noticed a table next to the entrance door that displayed post cards. When looking a little closer I observed an incredible marketing strategy. Let me explain why.

Most people, before the age of the internet and social media, loved to mail out post cards to friends and family, letting them know where they were on vacation. It was a must thing to do. Well the Blue Moose restaurant has brought back that exercise and added a marketing twist to it as well.

Here are the marketing tips;

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  1. Provide an opportunity to spread the word to family and friends. (Postcards)
  2. Make it easy, low cost and convenient for customers to share your business. (Mailed For You)
  3. Provide a fun talked about experience when participating in the postcard activity.
  4. Even if it doesn’t get mailed, it becomes a nice take home memorable hand painted picture to share and keep. (Make it look unique)
  5. Capture existing customer data with names and addresses. (Return address and names are from the customer)

In today’s world, filled with marketing noise coming at you from all kinds of businesses, here is one easy and passive way to reach customers. Think about how you can implement a program or activity like this one to keep sharing and promoting your business to others. By the way, I filled out one of those post cards and had it sent to one of my coaching clients. He loved it and passed it along to a friend who is planning a trip to the Beaver Creek Ski Resort area this year. It is amazing how one little post card continues to be shared and talked about around the US. Do you think that strategy is worth the 35 cents for the cost of the stamp? I do!  Try it today. It is no doubt a ‘Magical” idea.