“Acts of Kindness” is a Great Marketing Strategy

We all know that an “act of kindness” can go a long way.  But did you know it can also be a good marketing strategy for your business?  Let me share with you how.

I recently received a simple “act of kindness” at a hotel while speaking at a conference event in Los Angeles.  Many of my clients and members know that I am an avid runner and enjoy running most every day. I am very fortunate to speak around the world and running is a great way to sight see and experience the cities I get to visit. 

After completing a run one morning, an employee noticed me as I arrived back to the hotel and immediately gave me a free bottle of water.  That was great! It was hot and I surely needed one.  What a nice “act of kindness” by this hotel employee.  I thanked him and walked back to my room surprised and delighted.

The next day, after another morning run, the same employee, Fernand, again ran to his work station to retrieve a bottle of water for me.  Wow! How special was that?  I thanked him a second time and told him how much I appreciated his kindness.

Fernand was certainly thoughtful and his “act of kindness” meant a lot to me. Do you think this was  a hotel policy that each employee was trained and instructed to do? Well apparently not.  The next day, after returning from another morning run, I noticed a different employee at the valet desk instead of Fernand.  I wondered if this employee would also offer me a bottle of water after my run. Well not this time. In fact he did not even look at me as I passed by.  Either it is not a company policy or this particular employee was not concerned about creating a memorable experience to its hotel guests.  

Fernand was different.  Obviously, he believed in creating memorable experiences.  He did not need a company a policy to make him seek out and provide an “act of kindness”.  I bet he enjoys doing it and feels good about the reaction he gets from guests who truly appreciate his actions.  Now that is someone who loves serving others.

My question to you is this? Do you or your team provide various “acts of kindness” while serving your customers or clients?   If they do, then you will see the benefit.  If not, why not?  Some might think that giving away a free bottle of water is an expense.  Not really.  It is a small investment in the experience of your customers. Look at it as a marketing investment.

“Acts of Kindness” will help you:

  • Be more memorable
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Differentiate you from your competition
  • Obtain more repeat customers
  • Have your customers tell others

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Do you still think it’s an expense? What do you think that investment is worth to you? I will gladly spend a dollar for a bottle of water to get hundreds of dollars in return for free repeat customers and more referrals. Would you?  Make sure all of your staff are trained and given permission to provide various “acts of kindness” to your customers or clients throughout the customer experience.  It does not matter how small it might be.  If you do, I promise it will be a wise investment and a unique cost effective marketing strategy for your business.   Now that will be MAGICAL!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!