disney-world castleAsk yourself a simple question. Are you selling fantasy in your business? We all know that Disney is about “fantasy” and “magic”. In fact, the common definition of fantasy is “imagination”.  Have you ever thought of your business  as selling imagination? You should. All businesses are selling some form of “imagination”.

Most businesses that I coach and consult get caught up in the day to day operations and details of their business and forget or lose the opportunity to sell “imagination”.  Think about it. What do your customers imagine as the end result of doing business with you? Are you solving a problem, making it easy for them, giving them peace of mind, caring for their loved one, providing a relaxing vacation or dining experience or making them look better. It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, you are selling a particular outcome that your customers or clients are expecting from your business.

Part of selling imagination is giving your customers a great experience- one that they imagine having while doing business with you and certainly more than just providing some basic service needs.  If you can provide and sell imagination to your customers you will motivate them to buy, return and purchase more often and tell others. Imagination gets people excited and inspired to buy. Not only will they buy and more often, but they will be willing to pay a higher premium for it.

Think about it. Would you be willing to pay a little more for a weight loss product if it guaranteed you results in 10 days rather than 10 weeks? Who wants to wait 10 weeks? We want to look good now and are willing to pay more for it. That is because we are imagining looking better and having our friends notice how good we look. Imagination sells!
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So how can you and your your business rediscover the “imagination” in your customers?  It is simple. Focus on what your customers really want not what you think they need. They want you to care, provide peace of mind, offer an easier way to do business, look and feel better, efficiency, more time and freedom. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what would you want?

They don’t necessarily want more services, amenities or products. They want you to fulfill their “imagination”.  I don’t care about the number of years in business, degrees, all the neat gadgets, new equipment and services that a dentist can provide. I just want my teeth and smile to look as good as a movie star. I am imagining looking that good and want a dentist to provide that for me. If they do then I will continue to do business with that dentist and tell others.

Imagination sells.  Make sure that you and all of your employees are doing your best every day and every moment of the day imagining what your customers really want and satisfying their wants in your business. Think of your business being the next Disney World of your industry. You will begin to improve the customer experience, build loyal customers for life and separate your business from your competition.   Now that will be magical!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!