Are you an enthusiastic person? Do you come to work each day bringing your enthusiasm to the workplace, team or most important your customers? Enthusiasm is simply having excitement for or interest in what you are doing. It is just human nature that people respond in kind. If you are enthusiastic about something, it is likely that those people around you will become enthusiastic too.

We generally find enthusiastic people are more likable which is why enthusiasm is so important in making the customer experience magical. People like to do business and work in a business with people they like. Businesses whose employees are enthusiastic about their products, service or company are usually more successful and have a greater loyal following of repeat customers.

The question I sometimes get from my coaching clients is, “How do I become enthusiastic about a company, product or service that does not excite me? I mean my company is not exactly Disney World!” I get that and realize that most people in businesses do not work in glamorous industries or with glamorous products.  Of course, working for a company like Disney or Apple may be easy to get enthusiastic. The key is to find something to become enthusiastic about.

I have a client whose manages industrial cleaning supplies accounts. He has been doing it successfully for over 25 years and loves it. His enthusiasm is heartfelt and real. It is not the cleaning supplies and products that get him excited. It’s the enjoyment of working with his customers and helping them find solutions to their problems.

When I present training programs or coach teams, I share with them that the fastest way to become enthusiastic is to learn to appreciate the things about your company, product, service or career that excites you. I teach them how to train themselves to look for and find the positives in every situation and focus on those rather than the negatives. It helps change their attitudes and their team mates and customers certainly respond accordingly. Trust me it works!
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However, if there is absolutely nothing about your situation that you can be enthusiastic about, (I find that hard to believe), then I suggest you find something else to do. Customers, managers and peers can tell when you lack enthusiasm. Vince Lombardi famously said, “If you are not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.” Certainly important words we all need to remember.

In most cases, with my clients, their situation is not so dire and all they need to do is think differently. Sometimes, I even help them to fake it until they make it by helping them demonstrate the enthusiastic attitude we want them to create. In other words, they have to remember that it is all part of the show and “on stage” presence that must be performed each day in front of their customers and peers. There really isn’t any choice if you want to provide a great customer experience but to choose to be positive.

When you act enthusiastic, you become enthusiastic. If you do it long enough, subconsciously those actions eventually define who and what you become as a person and a business. It is what you and your business will become known for and help differentiate your business and staff from your competition. It is the secret to delivering a  Magical Customer Experience. Contact me today if you or your team needs help.