John's "Magic Minute"

As a former Disney Leader and known throughout the Globe as "America's Best Customer Experience Coach" John shares his incredible experiences and 25 plus years of proven success strategies to help your organization create a "Magical Customer Experience" and Disney-like Culture. Learn best practices you can share with your team and apply right away to increase your market profile, beat out your competition, wow your customers, increase employee loyalty and lead an effective team to be more successful in your industry today!

Showing That You Care is Magical!

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There are so many things that impact our customers and their experience. We often try to figure out (and even after you think you know) what to focus on the most to create the best experience for our customers.  What part of the experience deserves the most attention?  What are the emotions that are most important to evoke?  It can be very confusing and overwhelming. While speaking, training and coaching, I explain that it is important to remember that there’s really only one strategy that will have the greatest overall impact on the customer experience. It is showing your customers that you “Care”! It’s impossible to have customers care for you if they don’t feel you care for them.  Your care for them is mandatory; their care for you is optional. “If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will.”    Caring for your customers is the main ingredient of the customer experience.  It rules all things and honestly everything begins and ends with showing your customers that you care. Care is the foundation of what you offer to your customers.  You are offering to be of service, to be useful – something to benefit your customers – some combination of providing... Read More

Praising Efforts and Rewarding Results Are Magical!

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We all know that being recognized or praised by our managers and peers will help motivate people. Research will show that employees fed a steady dose of praise and recognition focus better on business goals. This same employees will spot new opportunities faster, be more engaged in the success of a business, stay longer and enjoy their work. Yet for something that seams so straightforward, it’s amazing how many managers don’t bother and get it wrong. I could fill an entire journal with comments from employees I have come in contact with during my speaking and training events who don’t receive much praise or recognition from their managers or bosses. In fact, many managers during my programs have shared with me that they honestly believe they don’t need to offer any praise or rewards or that they do it often enough. However, that is not what their staff tells me. I have met managers whose intentions are good but they seem to get it wrong. These managers offer tangible rewards such as free pizza on Fridays, donuts on Mondays, dress down days and an occasional gift card or cash. These are all well-meaning but misguided leaders offer these rewards for a return... Read More

Focus on Your Customers Not Your Competition!

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The best way to compete with your competition and drive them crazy is to make your customers happy. To make your customers happy you need to focus on them. If you always focus on your existing customers you may never need to worry about your competition again. “My way of fighting the competition is the positive approach. Stress your own strengths, emphasize quality, service, cleanliness and value and the competition will wear itself out trying  to keep up.”   -Ray Kroc, Founder of McDonald’s While traveling to one of my speaking engagements, I stayed at a Hyatt Regency Resort Hotel on the beach and noticed how they focused on making their customers happy, all the while making their competition suffer. While walking around the Hotel I was amazed to see that there were free washers and dryers in the laundry rooms. Someone certainly thought about their customer’s needs and wants. I witnessed moms and dads washing their children’s clothes that were filled with sand, sunscreen, chlorine from the pool  and salt water from the ocean. What a great amenity to have for families traveling with young children. Few hotels would even consider laundry rooms because they take up space and... Read More

Running Your Business Like Disney Is Magical!

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“If Disney Ran Your Business What Would It Look Like? During my keynotes and strategic work sessions with teams and businesses, I usually have the audience and participants ponder that question for their business. Most first think about their own experiences while visiting Disney’s Parks and Resorts, or what they have heard about the Disney Experience from others. The participants usually talk about Disney’s qualities and what they are known for such as quality, attention to details, cleanliness, friendly, helpful and engaging staff, efficiency, creating memories, exceeding the expectations and more. All of which reminds them about the power, and necessity of creating a “complete experience” for their customers. But shouldn’t all businesses incorporate these Disney traits in their business too? I was recently in Florida to conduct strategic work sessions at a Auto Service Parts and Repair Association, with owners and managers of their shops and stores, throughout the country in attendance. Now, you might not think auto service centers and parts stores have much in common with the Magic Kingdom, but customers getting their car repaired or buying auto parts, seek... Read More

Having a Strategy for Keeping Customers is Magical!

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and getting ready for a prosperous and profitable New Year! The question you need to ask yourself is do you have a strategy for the New Year? This is what I have observed are examples of strategies in the business world. Fast food chains across the country, will be slashing menu prices to revive flagging sales. Giant big box stores will continue to keep prices low, wooing customers but squeezing out suppliers and small businesses. Many small businesses will try to keep up by lowering their prices too! However, small-scale franchisees and small businesses, who face rising costs and increased local competition, are far more concerned with store profits, electricity, gas, labor, paying royalties, credit card transaction fees, insurance, rent, leases, maintenance and regulations. Their paychecks come from whatever is left over. Reducing prices on products and services is not a great long term strategy. Of course, an occasional sale, price cutting promotions or small discounts can be very effective, but most small businesses will never survive doing that very long. Price cutting and discounts can cut dangerously deep into any profit... Read More

Showing Empathy On The Phone Is Magical!

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I recently conducted a training session for a medical facility call center regarding “How to Make The Phone Experience Magical!” After my training, many of the participants shared with me that other businesses and organizations need to experience my workshop. I was delighted that they enjoyed my program and to hear their comments. We all agreed that many businesses are bored with their phone experience and just take it for granted resulting in a poor experience for their customers. Think about it. Have you ever had a conversation on the phone with a business, medical center, insurance agency, cell phone provider or customer service call center? Of course you have. We all have. What was your experience like? Most businesses do a good job serving their customers and clients. But we all have had that non-caring person on the other end of the phone, not handling our problems, transferring us to who knows where, and basically just going through the motions with a lethargic attitude. What is usually missing in the person’s responses? Empathy. Empathy is the expression through words and tone that you understand what is going on with someone else. Empathy is not about... Read More

Shopping at Small Businesses Are Still Magical

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Do you prefer to shop at local small business verses a shopping mall? In a recent study by credit card giant Mastercard Inc., who tracks purchase patterns, consumers seem to be shopping closer to home. The study also found that spending growth at mom and pop businesses has outpaced that of the big chains in the past two years. Of course, we all know that more and more people are shopping online today. However, when they are not shopping on line, people are seeking personal connections, advise and a more positive customer experience. Something they say is lacking at national retailers and big box stores. Consumers seem to want to shop small. Big chain stores still account for the majority of shopper’s purchases. But many shoppers are skipping the big malls in favor of local neighborhood hardware stores, bookshops, grocers, boutique shops, restaurants, specialized retail stores and coffee shops. Most consumers are willing to pay higher prices too for that personal attention and small time, mom and pop business experience. So what are you doing to today to capitalize on this trend? Here are a few tips that will separate you from the big box stores, malls and even online... Read More

Identifying Your Customer’s Emotions Are Magical!

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Did you know that customer emotions influence over half of your Customer Experience? However, just knowing customers are emotional doesn’t help your business. You need to know how to use this information to improve your business outcome and experience. How your customers feel about their experience is the most important factor to your Customer Experience success. Certain emotions result in the achievement of your business goals. So how do you determine which emotions you want your customers to feel?  It is important to know the level of your customers’ emotional engagement with you. People feel emotions in your experience whether you planned for them or not. However, I often share with my clients that in order to create successful Customer Experiences you need to spend some time finding out what customers feel and when they feel them. There are three simple factors you need to consider in the creating an emotional response from your customers. Stimulus, Response, and Effect. These will help you know what motivates the customer and how customers act as a result. Let me share with you and explain what I mean:         1. Stimulating the Customer:  What you do that encourages the... Read More

Having a Competitive Advantage is Magical!

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What is a competitive advantage?  A competitive advantage is when your business is viewed by your customers as providing a higher value than the product or service of your competitors. Certainly, having a unique product or service is one way, but can and will often be easily duplicated by a competitor. However, to create loyalty, your customers also seek an emotional connection with you. This can be a major advantage and competitive edge to differentiate your business from the competition.  The emotional connection that your staff and business create will give you an advantage over the competition to deliver what your customer really wants. Not just having a different product or service. Every business should know what their advantages are.  Let’s ask and explore these questions: What advantages do your products or services have over your competition in the marketplace? Which of these advantages create a compelling reason for customers to do business with you? How do your create emotional connections with your customers? What are you doing to insure continuous, never ending “memorable” experiences to your customers as to not become stale and to differentiate your business from... Read More

Obsession For The Customer Is Magical!

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Do you and your staff have an obsession for customers? Constantly thinking of how your customers perceive their experience as well as having employees obsessed in making sure their experience is memorable is an important link in making the customer experience magical in any business or organization. The sensations that create a magical customer experience are usually established through people on the front line of any business. For many customers, front line employees, might be the only physical contact that they have with your business. This will leave your customers with either a negative or positive impression of you which could lead to future business opportunities with that particular customer and others. In my keynotes, workshops and coaching, I share with my audience and clients that in order to increase their business and create customer loyalty, the business, all leaders and the entire staff must have an obsession with customers. So how do you know if you and your staff have an obsession with customers? Ask these questions. Does your business think “customer” whenever you make a decision or new policy? Does your customer feel better served that expected? Does... Read More

What Are Event Planners Saying About John

Amazing! I have been attending conferences for over thirty years and can’t remember one that grabbed my attention more than John’s. I strongly suggest that we have John back again.

– George Bell, Regional Director, Fort Sill National Bank