John's "Magic Minute"

As a former Disney Leader and known throughout the Globe as "America's Best Customer Experience Coach" John shares his incredible experiences and 25 plus years of proven success strategies to help your organization create a "Magical Customer Experience" and Disney-like Culture. Learn best practices you can share with your team and apply right away to increase your market profile, beat out your competition, wow your customers, increase employee loyalty and lead an effective team to be more successful in your industry today!

Four Secrets To Create Customer Loyalty And Drive Revenue Growth

Does your customer experience and customer engagement build customer loyalty to drive more revenue in your business? For many years, business owners and marketers have been experimenting with methods to drive customer loyalty. From redeeming tokens and stamps to collecting box tops and punch cards, loyalty programs were (and still can be) a way to […]

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Are Your Customers “Quiet Quitting”?

  I have been speaking with customers, neighbors and even family members who tell me they feel like they are being taken advantage of and getting ripped off. First it started with Covid, then inflation and now many customers think it has turned into pure greed. Prices are outrageous. Does this sound familiar? I go […]

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Focus on Customer Loyalty and Not Worry About Price

Most customers are aware of how much your business charges compared to your competitors. Are your customers an incentive away from going elsewhere?  If they are, you have nothing and you have no customer loyalty. There is always someone who can provide something a little crappier and sell it a little cheaper.  However, I am […]

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Employee Turnover Myths

Many times during my strategy coaching calls with my clients we talk about the challenges that they are having with employee turnover. During our discussions, I am finding that there is a disconnect as to why they think their employees are leaving. Many of my clients and managers in general have preconceived notions about employee […]

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How Do You Define Your Employee Experience?

As many of you know, I am passionate about helping businesses create a unique, memorable and Disney-like customer experience. But for the Disney company it also takes a happy crew to produce a happy show. Therefore, the employee experience is just, if not, more important than your customer experience. So how do you define your […]

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Your Secret Weapon To Reduce Employee Turnover

Are you struggling with employee turnover? We know that finding good candidates has been a challenge for many businesses and organizations like yours. It certainly doesn’t help when your existing employees are leaving, including some of your best players. Not only is it a challenge to replace employees but also a major cost as well. […]

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Where Did The “Human Touch” Go In The Customer Experience?

Let’s face it. The world has evolved and changed over the last several years, but even more significantly over the last two years, largely due to the pandemic and the huge shift it brought to the employee and customer experience. The choices your business made in 2022, specifically around your customer experience, will impact and […]

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Build Customer and Employee Loyalty By Paying It Forward

Many of my clients ask me for advice and suggestions on how to build customer and employee loyalty. I am glad to help them because today it is more important than ever for small businesses who want to stand out against their competitors. There is so much access to information and your customers and employees […]

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What Are Event Planners Saying About John

Amazing! I have been attending conferences for over thirty years and can’t remember one that grabbed my attention more than John’s. I strongly suggest that we have John back again.

- George Bell, Regional Director, Fort Sill National Bank