Many of my clients ask me for advice and suggestions on how to build customer and employee loyalty. I am glad to help them because today it is more important than ever for small businesses who want to stand out against their competitors. There is so much access to information and your customers and employees are becoming aware in marketing and hiring tactics and can easily recognize strategies that don’t feel genuine. 

Your customers and employees have become increasingly socially conscious and they are paying attention more than ever. They’re looking to seek out businesses that align directly with their values, creating an opportunity for your business to build loyal customers and employees while also making a difference.

Partner With Charitable Organizations

One way your business can demonstrate the shared values between you and your customers is to partner with organizations focused on causes both you and your customers care about. Consumers are paying attention to the stance brands take on key issues on a local and national scale. Show a deep and genuine commitment to giving back to important and charitable causes, and enable your customers to use their purchasing power to join in. This is a great way you can build stronger connections to your customers. 

For example, according to a recent survey organized by “No Kid Hungry”, 74% of Americans see childhood hunger as a major problem. In the same survey, 95% of Americans said that it’s important for businesses to take action to address hunger. And 78% said it’s important that the businesses that they buy products and services from, partner with charitable organizations. 

The positive feeling your customers associate with a charitable organization, the more likely it will transfer to your business.  In fact, according to the same survey, a favorable business partner will increased loyalty by an average 13% when your customers found that a business partners with and supports a charitable organization.  

In general, when consumers know a business supports a charitable organization, they are:

  • 87% are more likely to buy that company’s products or services
  • 82% are more likely to buy that company’s products or services over competitors
  • 82% are more likely to recommend the company to friends and family



One suggestion might be a wonderful organization called, Compassionate Hope, is a wonderful global organization which is focused on providing hope and a future to victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution in Southeast Asia.

Give Back To Your Local Community

Another way to build customer loyalty is to find ways you and your team can give back to your local community, especially if you are a small business. 


For your businesses, the improvement of the local community isn’t the only benefit you will see from charitable giving. Eighty-five percent of consumers have a more positive image of a business that gives to a local charity, and 90% of consumers want to know how companies are supporting charitable causes.

By your businesses giving back will have a huge selling point to offer your customers. Today, more than ever, people are looking to support local small businesses that share their values, so they know their money is benefiting their community.

Charitable Giving Will Engage Your Employees To Be More Loyal

Aside from a better community and happy customers, your giving back also has a positive ripple effect on your employees. 93% of employees who volunteer with their company said they are happy with their employer.

Company-sponsored volunteering is shown to:

  • Improve employee leadership and broaden professional skill sets (92%)
  • Help employee well-being (77%)
  • Boost morale (70%)
  • Strengthen camaraderie with work colleagues (64%)

Get your team together and decide on an organization to support whether it be, food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, Adopt a Stream, Big Brothers or Big Sisters, planting trees, sponsoring meals and the list can go on. Just make sure your customers and local community are aware of your volunteerism or contributions. 

The benefits of small businesses donating their time or money to local organizations are endless, and when businesses take the time to help their community, it improves the entire local economy as well as your business. Now that is “Magical”!

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