Have you ever been frustrated as a customer because you wish someone at a business would have informed you before a problem or incident  occurred? Perhaps if you were provided a little information you might have had a better experience. Let me share with you an example of how communicating and informing a customer can be magical.

I arrived one morning at a parking lot of a hotel that I was speaking at. The lot was beautifully landscaped with finely trimmed bushes and large trees. While parking my car, I noticed that there were signs placed at various spots around the lot informing customers and guests of a potential problem.

Parking lot sign

As you can see from the sign, the hotel wanted to let their customers know that there were birds roosting in the trees and their droppings might damage their vehicle. I never saw a sign like that before, nor did I want droppings to possible damage my car. I then moved my car to another location away from the trees. I certainly appreciated the information. It told me right away that the hotel cared about it’s guest and their personal property.

When I arrive at the front desk, I thanked the cashier for the hotel informing me about the bird situation in the parking lot. The cashier shared with me that the birds were special and migrate each year to the trees in the hotel parking lot.  Many of the employees cared about the birds and looked forward to their arrival each year. However, the employees also wanted to make sure the presence of the birds did not harm the guest’s vehicle. Rather than trying to get rid of the birds, the employees asked management if signs could be installed in the parking lot to inform guests. Sounds like it was a good compromise.

How often do you communicate to your customers? Do you inform them of potential problems? Do you let them know in advance of maintenance issues, shutdowns, early closings, holiday hours etc. Customers want to be in the know. Most customers don’t like surprises. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Here are a few tips to inform and communicate to your customers:

  • Send out emails to your mailing list ahead of time.
  • Mail information out ahead of time to your existing customers.
  • Place professional looking signs inside and outside your business. (Not taped to windows and doors)
  • Call customers if necessary.
  • Place the information in newsletters.

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When communicating information to your customers, the perception is that you care about them. Businesses should want to do everything they can to make sure the customer experience is a good one. Keeping your customers informed and in the know is a choice. Choosing to do so can be Magical!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!