Are you likable?

How likable are you?

Wherever you are in a business, your position, title, you can always create the ideal environment that will influence and make the customer experience positive and magical. It all starts with your choice to control what you can control to create a positive relationship and experience with your clients, customers and co-workers. The only thing that you can control is you and your attitude. Every time you come in contact with someone, particularly a client, patient or customer, you make some sort of impression with your attitude. It may come across as positive, negative or neutral but it will always make an impression of whether you are likable or not. These impressions will add up over time and will affect your customer experience.

I was recently visiting an office supply store that I frequent regularly. I often go there for my printing needs and usually look for two particular clerks at this store to help me, Barbara or Richard. Why? Because they are both always friendly, helpful, and efficient- clearly they know what they are doing. I can’t say that is true about the others who work there.  The others are OK but just seem to go through the motions. Even when I call, I will ask to speak to Barbara or Richard. I prefer not to talk to anyone else.

This day, when I went into the store, I noticed Barbara was working. I stood in line and hoped to speak with her about my printing project. Then I noticed something. People ahead of me in line were letting others go in front of them so they could speak with Barbara as well. Why did others like myself want to wait in line to speak with one particular clerk? It is simple. People like to do business with people they like. Barbara had made and continues to make a positive impression on me and others. Why deal with anyone else? I enjoy working with Barbara. She is likable, knowledgeable, efficient and knows the importance of my business. She always asks about how things are going in my business, laughs at my stories, and shows interest in my clients and speaking engagements. We often strike up conversations about our daily lives, children or current events as well. Again, what it come down to is that people, particularly customers like to do business with people they like.

Are you or your staff likable?  Do any of your customers prefer to wait in line in order to speak with you?  Here are a few tips to remember.

Magical Tips!

1. Be interested not interesting- Show genuine interest in your customer.
2. Be a good listener and listen to their stories.

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3. Be knowledgeable about your business or product and become the “go to” person.
4. Care! Empathize with your customers and understand their challenges, wants, hopes and successes.
5. Be positive and approachable all the time!

Being likable to your customers works time and time again. It makes your business better and more profitable, it makes your work environment more pleasant and constructive and it makes every one of your relationships with your customers more enjoyable and rewarding.  When you consistently express this likability component in your business you will begin to influence your customer’s behavior towards you and your business. This will create a positive experience for your customers and build a loyal base of customers towards your business. In other words, lots of repeat business.     Now that is Magical!

What are you doing in your business that makes you more likable?

Share and let us know all about it!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!