One of the biggest mistakes any business can make to their customers is to over promise and under deliver. It creates a lasting bad impression on you and your business for a long time. 

Here is a personal example. I needed to purchase a unique gift for one of my clients and chose to get it at an engraving and gift store at my local mall. When I walked in I was warmly greeted and given special attention by the sales clerk who just happened to be the manager. She was very helpful in guiding me and making good suggestions to find just what I was looking for. What particularly impressed me the most, was her genuine concern for making sure it turned out to be perfect and that my client would surely love it. 

After making a decision on the purchase, she also persuaded me to join their “Rewards” program to take advantage of special pricing on future purchases. Since she was so helpful and provided me a pleasant experience, I took her advice and signed up. The manager then told me she would be working on the engraving personally and that it should be ready by late afternoon the next day. 

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Due to my busy schedule, I returned two days later to pick up the item. When I arrived the sales associate told me it was not ready yet. I was surprised and a bit disappointed. I was told that it would be done right away and to come back tomorrow. Again, due to my schedule, I was not able to return until later in the week. When 
I returned, the engraving was completed but it was incorrect. I shared with the associate what was wrong and that whoever did the engraving did not follow the instructions that were on the order form. She apologized and told me to come back again the next day. 

Well, not to bore you with all the details, I made two more trips to that store and my plaque still was not finished. After sharing my extreme disappointment and frustration with the original manager, I asked for a full refund including my “Rewards Membership” . The manager just said she was sorry and I left. 

How did such an experience start out so positive and turn into a complete disappointment? Besides not getting what I wanted, how many times was I promised an outcome only to be let down again and again by this store? Are you “Over Promising and Under Delivering” to your customers? That is one sure way to frustrate your customers and create a negative result in your business.


 Here are a few tips that will help:


1. Try to be specific in telling customers when they can expect results or an answer. Tomorrow is not specific enough.
2. If you are not sure of a response or result, it is always better to be honest with your customers. 
3. Call or contact your customers and let them know if there will be any delays or provide a them with welcomed update. 
4. Over Promise and Over Deliver! 


Some of you might be surprised to see my Tip # 4 response. Most people have heard of the mantra “Under Promise and Over Deliver”. I am not a big fan of that one. I understand the message, but can your business afford to “Under Promise” in today’s competitive business environment?  Under promising doesn’t excite me to want to do business with you in the first place. I just might move along to another business who can promise me the results I want. What do you think I would have done if the sales clerk at the engraving store would have told me that my plaque would be completed in a week or two? That is certainly under promising but I probably would have not done business with them in the first place. 

I am always helping my coaching clients find ways in their businesses to “Over Promise and Over Deliver.” They will surely tell you about the positive relationships they have built with their customers from doing so. Their results have been remarkable!  
It is one sure way to build brand loyalty for life and separate your business from the competition. Think about it. Those businesses who “Over Promise and Over Deliver” are the ones we will always remember, love to return and visit, as well as tell others about the experience. Start doing it today and you will see amazing results too. I know it will make your customer experience Magical!