Energized employees are creative employees. When people are engaged in the customer experience of a business, they will voluntarily seek out new ways to create an experience that is memorable to your customers or clients.

Unfortunately, the busy pace at many businesses leaves little time for employees to be creative or more alarming is the inability of  managers to allow their staff the opportunity to provide suggestions. One problem is that many businesses rely on “top down” creativity with managers and business owners being the only ones to make decisions regarding the customer experience.

I recently came across an unusual challenge while shopping at a retail store. The store was out of a stock of an item I wanted to purchase. I asked the employee if there were any more in the back stock room. She gladly check for me and returned to tell me that they were out of stock. I asked if they expected to get more in stock at anytime soon.

The sales clerk told me this item was often out of stock. She proceeded to tell me about the popularity of the item and that many customers are disappointed when they are out of stock. I asked if her manager was concerned about loosing sales and possibly customers and was surprised, though not shocked, to here her response.

The clerk said: “My manager says he is too busy to listen to me and often tells me to just do my job and not to worry about inventory or doing his job.” She then told me she didn’t want to cause any trouble so she just doesn’t tell him any more. Do you think the clerk has given up trying to improve the customer experience? Is the manager not concerned about the loss of sales and customers? Probably a combination of both.

Why do managers and business owners not encourage their staff to participate in helping run the business or provide opportunities to create a better customer experience?  Employees are energized by the opportunity to give and share input and suggestions.

Tips to encourage participation from your team:

1.  Provide time to brainstorm with your employees to encourage their ideas and refrain from evaluation or criticizing.If you are a young man suffering from the disease. viagra on line That is why many users prefer to apply the purchasing viagra medicine topically rather than using the tablets. To have a happy sexual life is very essential in the process of dealing with erectile dysfunction and atherosclerosis, buy viagra in stores according to medical experts. The students can even earn their high school credit or get auto insurance discount, after taking a buy generic cialis http://cute-n-tiny.com/page/44/ DMV approved drivers ed course.

2.  Encourage new combinations and improvements of existing or old ideas.

3.  Allow people to pursue their ideas. Give them a chance to feel important.

4.  Reward participation.

One of the best ways to involve employees and teams in the customer experience and to energize them in the process is through the collection of people’s ideas and suggestions. Robert Hass, CEO, Levi Strauss & Co once stated: “Unless we involve our people in running our company, we’re not going to be successful.”

Make encouraging people’s input a part of your business and marketing success strategy. It will be a great way to energize your people and make the customer experience MAGICAL!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!