You might not think I am serious but I am. Many of my clients, audiences and friendknow that I work part time at Omega Sports, a small, family owned, very service oriented,16 store sporting goods company that has been successful for over 36 years. I have been working for Omega at one of their stores in Charlotte since 2009 and have enjoyed every minute, especially now during the holiday seasonWe all know how crazy working in retail during the holidays can be. But to me it is all about your mindset and attitude. You can look at it in a negative way or a positive way. The choice is yours

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Most retail stores are busy and very hectic this time of the year. Customers rushing to find the right item for their friends and loved ones. Longer lines, out of stock items, crowds, sale prices, deadlines, and parking nightmares all affect the shopping experience. This can be a very stressful time not only for the customer but to the workers as well. It is not easy to maintain a positive outlook each and every day. Some workers certainly handle it better than others. How do they do it? It starts with your attitude. John Maxwell, the great author says; “
Never under estimate the power of your attitude.” 

Our attitude can be our best friend or our worst enemy. You can focus on the positive or you can mope and complain about the negative. When I report to work at Omega, I choose to make it my best friend and focus on the positive. Each day I remind myself that I get the opportunity to help serve people and the best way I know how is through my experience, enthusiasm, product knowledge, helpfulness and always with a positive attitude outlook along with a friendly smile.
I look at this way. I don’t have to “deal” with stressful customers, I just try to get along and “appreciate” them. Appreciating your customers mean you value them.  I try to let my customers know that I do value them. 
 I choose to be positive no matter what the circumstances are. It is not the circumstances of the holiday season that affects us but how we react to them. Success begins with our own internal state of mind.  Whether you are dealing with customers, fellow employees, family members or personal issues, your results will be determined by the attitude you bring to the situation. If you don’t like the results or success you are getting, change your attitude.

Here are a few tips to help you this holiday season or anytime of the year.

1. Be grateful for the opportunity to help and serve others. It can be a wonderful feeling.
2. Choose to be positive and optimistic while you work and watch your energy level rise.  

3.  Display a friendly enthusiastic smile to let your customers know that you value them. 

4.  Be friendly and helpful to your fellow retail workers while you shop. They will appreciate it and it just might be contagious.

We all know how difficult it can be to work in retail, especially during the holiday season. However, if you want to it to be different start with your own attitude. If you think today is going to be a bad day you probably won’t be disappointed. Choose instead to be positive and make it a good day. It is the season to be jolly isn’t it? Your personal success as well as your business success depends on it. Try it today and it will will create a magical experience for you and your customers.

Always Wishing Magical Success!