Are you trying to drive lots of traffic to your social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter? Don’t underestimate the power of “word of mouth”.   A recent study showed that roughly:

3.3 billion conversations about brands take place everyday.

3.1 billion of those are happening offline.

Is your customer experience driving “word of mouth” conversations with your customers?  What kind of experience are you creating in your business that will lead to “word of mouth” passion from your customers?  I will tell you that you won’t get there by just providing service. It is all about the customer experience and making it magical!

Spike Jones, a recognized expert on the concept of “word of mouth” makes a great point!  Take a look!

“Word of Mouth” Video

How many of you have had the opportunity to visit a Disney park?  When you return home what do you talk about to your friends and family?  I speak in front of audiences all over the globe and I often ask what was the best part of their Disney visit.  Almost all of their responses are from experiences which are emotional to them. They love sharing emotional stories about their children, or what special moments happened during their experience at a Disney park not the rides or food.  Their memorable moments become the “word of mouth” conversation.  All created from their experience not service. When you visit a Disney park you can’t wait to share your stories with others. That is because Disney does a great job of creating an emotional connection with its guests.

Think about how you and your staff can create an emotional connection with your customers. Talk about passion and the emotions of your customers rather than your products and service. Ask what is the end result of your product or service. In other words, what is the result of using or purchasing your product? Does it solve a problem, free up time, make people look or feel good, or like Disney, create happiness? These are all emotional connections that your customers will remember and tell others.
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When I coach and consult clients to create a better customer experience in their business, we focus on the emotions of their customers.  The more emotions we can define and insert into the customer experience, the more connected their customers become to the business. This is one way I help businesses differentiate themselves from their competition.

You need to do the same in your business. Begin making a list of what emotions you can create for your customers. Start at the moment your customer comes in contact with you, through the entire experience. Make sure you don’t leave out the last impressions your customer might experience. They can be the most memorable.

(Check out my “Coaching Programs”  if you would like to beat out your competition and need help creating a unique experience that I guarantee you will lead to “word of mouth” conversations with your customers.)

Don’t become obsessed by only using social media and forget about the customer experience.   Word of mouth recommendations still happen 90% offline.  Make sure your business is part of that conversation! It will be Magical!

Always Wishing You “Magical” Success!