As a trainer and coach, my primary focus is on strategic business and team development for helping small businesses and organizations create a Disney-like Culture and Unique Customer Experience. I provide many of my clients a “Fresh Eyes” view of their customer experience and employee culture with a goal in mind to make them better.

What I have found when working with my clients is that many of them have become so close to their businesses that they neglect to see and observe their business from a customer or employee’s viewpoint. Most business owners, managers and employees come to work each day and get caught up in their day to day operations. Sometimes overlooking cleanliness issues, broken equipment, poor employee behavior as well as what is going on in the customer experience.

With a pair of “Fresh Eyes”, I immediately realize these issues and help them resolve them through training and coaching. Once we partner together to recognize these issues, we can begin to improve their business culture. Again my goal is to help them attract more customers, build customer loyalty for life and create a powerful customer focused team culture in their businesses to differentiate their business from the competition and be more successful.

So what do you do to make sure you have a “Fresh Eyes” view in your business? Here are a few tips:

  • Spend a few minutes each day walking around observing your business from a customer’s viewpoint. In other words, “Inspect what you expect.” Make sure you do it at different times of the day and evening to see what your customers are really seeing during that time of the day. For example, what does your “Drive Thru” area look like during and after the busy lunch crowd. It will constantly change throughout the day.

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  • Schedule a walk through periodically with your staff and team so that everyone is aware of what issues to be concerned with in your business. Have your employees lead the walk through as well. If you really want to get a “Fresh Eyes” view, ask your friends and family members to walk through and observe your business. 


  • Create a sense of urgency in addressing any concerns right away. Many times employees see things that need to be corrected and assume managers have already seen it. Since nothing was done to correct it, it must be acceptable. Don’t ever accept sloppy work. It will become the norm. 

Together you can develop a new action plan that includes identifying concerns and improving the customer experience in your business. Remember your customers see these concerns all day long and even when they return. I have witnessed in many businesses, where broken equipment, bad carpet stains, over flowing trash and light bulbs being burnt out took weeks before they were addressed. That is unacceptable! These concerns create perceptions from your customers from their “Fresh Eyes” view and will be shared with their friends, family and even placed on social media sites. Be one step ahead of your customer by seeing things from their viewpoint before they do.

Always look at your business with a “Fresh Eyes” view. I promise you your customer experience will be more Magical! If you need help evaluating your “Customer Experience” or creating a Disney-like Culture please contact me today.