When you have a new hire join your business or team, how well do you get this person off to a great start? Are you prepared? Do you have a plan or do you just wing their arrival and hope for the best?

I read in a recent article that 1 in 3 workers would rather go on an awkward first date than attend orientation for a new job. Nearly 80% of respondents experienced non favoring issues when starting a new job. Many even said (33%) they received no essential training, while others (28%) didn’t feel their job responsibilities were well defined or had IT issues (26%).

The bottom line is, businesses need to do a better job when it comes to getting a new hire off to a great start. New employees almost always walk in the door with a great attitude and excitement for joining your business. The question is, do you squash that excitement or do you enhance the attitude and feelings of a new hire?

To enhance their excitement, focus on them from the moment they walk in the door by making them feel welcomed, important and special. It means taking the new employees seriously on day one and every day after that. Remember: Day One is the most important day and Month One is the most important month. How well does your new hire feel like they belong to the group or do they feel like a burden? What are the first impressions that you show your new hire? Is the new hire thinking that if the first day or week is off to a bad start, no planning or preparation for their arrival, they can only imagine what it will be like later. Are they now questioning their decision in joining your business?

When asked new hires what would make a great first day at a new job, respondents identified the following that would make the experience better. How many of these do you do, perhaps improve or can implement?

  • Being assigned a buddy.
  • Walk-through of key processes and procedures.
  • Adequate time to review orientation and learning materials.
  • Having a welcome lunch with fellow employees.
  • One on one time with coworkers.
  • Understanding and access to new computer and or new equipment.

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No matter how long or short, mundane or intense your new hire orientation process is, you cannot ever leave the new employees alone to sink or swim. The longer you invest in time to show your support and engagement from day one, the more value you will get out of your new employees. Walt Disney always knew that people are a company’s greatest asset and said: “If you treat your employees like they matter and make a difference they will.”   Now that would be Magical!