All businesses utilize or should have marketing campaigns to acquire new customers. However, before you look to launch another marketing program, take a closer look at your existing customers and see how you can thank them to help you grow.

Think about it. If someone likes your business, or product, your reaction should not be to “Let’s find another customer.” Instead, ask yourself, “How do we thank our existing customers.” Customer loyalty is the reason today’s businesses win. Big businesses like Apple, Amazon, Disney, Starbucks, Panera Bread and others add to their customer bases all the time. But they are also very effective at driving repeat business and purchases. They don’t just have customers, they work at building relationships. If you can do that to maximize the value of a lifetime customer you will achieve success and more profits.

With the Holiday season upon us, it becomes a perfect opportunity to thank and appreciate your customers. Here are a few tips and suggestions to follow.

  1. Tell Your Customers Thank You– Customer appreciation doesn’t need to be an elaborate or expensive endeavor — a simple acknowledgment and “thank you” will go along way. Thanking your customers for their business, loyalty, or help to your organization is an excellent tactic for increasing customer loyalty. Don’t send a generic thank-you message. Make an effort to send a hand written thank you note to every customer, big or small. Try to personalize each note using your contact’s name, and some specific detail that is unique to that client.

    Taking the time out of your day to write and send a thank-you note to your customers will go a long way in cultivating the relationship. Taking steps to personalize the note can add a special touch that your clients will surely appreciate.

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    2. Send a Personalized Gift Personalized gifts are an easy way for you to say thanks while reinforcing your relationship. Everyone loves receiving a gift, especially when they are least expecting it. This tactic is a step beyond the simple thank-you note and will separate you from your competition. If you are deciding to send a gift to your clients, remember:            – Make it personal. Mass gifts like chocolate or paperweights are nice, but they are  obviously not tailored to the client. Do your best to personalize the gifts you send to customers — the more thoughtful the gift, the better the impression it makes.

                       – Don’t make it promotional. Many businesses like to send gifts with their name or logo front and center. Think like a customer, if you received a gift like that would you be gushing with joy? Most likely, no. Clients recognize your intentions, and if you are obviously using gift-giving to promote your brand, it taints the effort.

                        – Send gifts to lost clients. Your current clients are the priority, but you can also use gift-giving as an opportunity to rekindle an old relationship.

The holidays are a hectic season for everyone, but they’re crucial for your business. By taking the time to show appreciation and let your customers know you value them, you will solidify their loyalty, encourage them to share about your business, and get valuable feedback. Let your customers know how helpful they are to you!  Show compassion and appreciation to the most important people in your life — for a business, that’s your customers. I promise you the results will be Magical!