Would you agree that people are our greatest asset?  The success of any company is only as good as the people who perform on the job. So how do you find and fill open positions in your business?  Do you put ads in your local paper,  place a sign in the window of your store, take walk-in applications or go through hundreds of applications from your web-site? There are various ways to find candidates to fill an opening.


While traveling during a recent speaking engagement, I noticed this person’s shirt in the restaurant of the hotel. I must say it caught me by surprise at first. I don’t believe I have ever seen a job posting on someone’s shirt. Very creative. Wouldn’t you agree?

Actually, it reinforces the philosophy of what I share with many of my clients and during my presentations. Hiring is a 360-degree, 24/7  job responsibility for everyone in any business.  Most businesses wait until they  have an opening and then panic while they start the process trying to find someone. The key is not to always be in the reactive mode but to be proactive in your approach to finding good candidates.

The secret is to always keep your antenna up looking for good candidates. How many times have you visited a restaurant or retail store and seen someone who is really friendly, bubbly and outgoing? Don’t we say to ourselves, “Wow, we really could use someone like that in our business!”  When you observe people at grocery stores, banks, retail stores, offices and watch people in action, it is like interviewing them right on the job.  You will notice how they interact with customers, deal with challenges, handle complaints, multitask, interact with other teammates  and the list goes on and on.This cialis in uk online type of may be relationship partner, monetary and even spiritual problems. His penis was soft and it got erect after nearly 10 minutes but that generic for levitra was just for 10-20 seconds. Erectile Dysfunction Exercises Contribution As per some recent study, one third to one-half of all men in this age group has seen experiencing erectile dysfunction issue can be solved by adding flavonoids contained foods such as soy, flaxseed, and vitamin E enriched foods such as nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables help improve the absorption of nutrients and 5mg cialis price flush toxins. The medical science has invented a new kind of medicine that works to buy viagra italy increase the blood flow in the body.

The best part is the people you are observing are not trying to sell themselves as if they were on a job interview. There is a good chance you are seeing them perform in their natural behavior while working on the job. What better way to see if they would be the right fit for your business. It is like having them role-play right in front of you for you to evaluate. In other words, the interview process has begun right in front of your eyes.

So what do you do next once you notice a great potential candidate? Talk to them! First acknowledge them and tell them that you noticed the great job they are doing. People love to receive compliments. Next share with them, “In our business we are always looking for good people like you, do you know anybody? Do you have any brothers or sisters that are just like you?” Guess what they might tell you? They might say no, they may suggest a few people they know, you might plant a seed in their mind for the future or best yet they might say; “What about ME!”

Many companies and managers foolishly conclude, “you can’t find good people anymore”. The truth is that they are out there. You just have to learn to be creative in finding and selecting them.  Become better at it and get involved everyday.  When everyone becomes knowledgeable and involved in the recruitment processes, your business will benefit.

If you or your team need help, consider investing in my popular seminar; “How to Find, Interview and Hire Magical People. Eight Steps to Never Have a Bad Hire Again. EVER!”. I would be delighted to present this powerful and effective program to your team. This seminar is also available on CD as a product. Feel free to browse my web-site for more information. Either way, make learning an important part of your success and don’t take the hiring process for granted. It will surely make your business and your people more MAGICAL!  Happy Hunting!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!