What Gen Z Really Wants at Work - It's Not What You Think ...


Are you struggling to find good candidates with the right talent for your business?  The pandemic has certainly changed a lot for small businesses, including the challenge to attract new talent and what a new generation of potential workers are looking for regarding employment.

Ten years ago, Google, Facebook and Amazon ruled the workplace design. Companies worldwide shifted their layouts, carved out time for community events and figured out ways to entertain millions of employees with weekly meditation, ping pong tables, bicycles, cereal bars and motivational speakers.

Monday through Friday offered an endless cycle of experiences and millennials loved it! They were sponges in a world of entertainment and business leaders had the key to manipulate their senses and keep this generation engaged with toys and technology.

When workplaces began to boom, there were endless streams of enjoyment. However, most businesses did not have a clue on how to capture the attention of Generation Z.

As the Gen Z enter the workplace, they aren’t impressed by Google’s open-floor layout or the endless obsession of stimulating distractions. They want something more –– and it has nothing to do with the pop culture ideology of their millennial siblings.

If you want to attract new talent to your company, you might need to rethink your strategies; especially if you want to catch the attention of Generation Z. Many of my coaching client have come to rely on hiring this Z generation and we have implememnted a few strategies that continue to work. Here are three ideas you can use to increase your company’s visibility, attract more talent and get more resumes in your inbox.


  1. Foster an inclusive, equitable and diversified workplaceGeneration Z is not looking for your business to be their endless spring break. They’re not interested in ping pong tournaments or keg parties. Of course, they might indulge in a craft beer or even a wine tasting, but the idea of trudging into work on a Monday to party isn’t what this generation is looking for in their job search.Younger applicants are looking for your workplace to be an exciting experience, however, they want more than paid overtime and dental coverage. If you want to attract these new hires, you need to understand what they value––and what they value is diversity, inclusion and equity, (DEI).So, how do you create a space that fosters DEI?
    • Host a roundtable discussion each month to gain feedback.
    • Hold quarterly DEI training for your whole team.
    • Keep your anti-discrimination policies updated and posted openly

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    Creating an environment that fosters diversity, inclusion and equity happens on purpose. If left to chance, you risk allowing biases to form and prejudice to occur. If you want to attract new talent, you must ensure your company’s behavior matches its belief. Gen Z is the most ethnically and racially diverse generation in history. They’ll see through hypocrisy. Whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, DEI is here to stay.

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  2. Everyone wants to be heard so give them a microphone.Get ready to throw out hierarchical leadership. It doesn’t work for this generation.Generation Z grew up in a world where they could become an overnight sensation with a YouTube account, an iPhone and a limited knowledge of digital editing. They don’t see the need to climb ladders or even go through the proper channels. If anything, this generation see  conventional viewpoint as an old system that needs remodeling. Recent graduates don’t understand why they should have to pay their dues or sit on the sidelines.If you want to attract this new talent, you must get comfortable with their casual style. Generation Z will blurt out their opinions, share their ideas and come to the table uninvited. Nevertheless, when you foster this lateral leadership model, you gain this generation’s trust and loyalty. Gen Z will work for companies that are open to their ideas and perspectives. If you show openness, they’ll show up, be engaged with everything they have each day to help build your business.


    3. Offer work options

    Generation Z doesn’t want to repeat the lifestyle choices of their parents or siblings. For years, they witnessed the chaotic lives of millennials and shuddered to think their own work experiences could echo a similar outcome.

    When these potential employees peruse jobs through Indeed, Glassdoor or Monster, they want more than a corner office with zero social life. They look for jobs that offer a chance to breathe, work from anywhere and experience life outside the company.

    Millennials might have settled for their lives to revolve around work. But Gen Z is looking to work for companies that foster healthy people, not just a robust profit. If you want to attract this next generation and set your company above the rest, you need to present work options––specifically, remote and hybrid opportunities.

    Generation Z wants more than entertainment packages––and they aren’t willing to settle for less. If your business is willing to create safe spaces, honor all voices and present options to your employees, you will not only attract new talent, you will have an ever flowing of workers to secure your future business success. Now that is Magical!


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