The result of creating customer loyalty is with our actions. If you or your staff have positive customer focused attitudes and values, your customers will have good feelings and memories about your business. The whole buying, shopping, treatment or service experience provides positive or negative feelings with our customers to determine whether they want to return and come back.

A few weeks ago, I had some time to kill while visiting a city where I was presenting a keynote the next day. I love to go out and visit the town and explore the area. While walking on the sidewalk of a small downtown, I noticed  a sign in a storefront window stating; “No Change Made Here!” Curious as I am, I went inside to look around and came across the store clerk. I asked what the sign in the window meant. He looked at me with a slight frustration and anger in voice and said; “If we didn’t have that sign, people would bother us all day asking for parking meter change.” 

I guess this store just doesn’t want to give a customer any reason to come in. Since I didn’t see any customers in the store, their policy must be working. What were they thinking? Why wouldn’t you want customers, that perhaps would never step foot in your store, have a reason to come in and experience your wonderful hospitality. Maybe they might browse around and find something unique to buy at a later date and time. Maybe after experiencing a friendly welcome smile, an attentive and caring employee or unique product in the store, the customer might return later or refer a potential new customer.   I’m thinking, that if I owned this store, I would put a sign in the window that said, “Change Made With A Smile!”

Witnessing this experience made me believe that with their actions they clearly say, “Don’t bother us unless you want to buy something!” Or, “And don’t ask me for any special favors either!”

Sadly in these competitive times, many of these businesses that think this way, are probably not in business any more. I can certainly see why. Those small businesses that are still around seem to get it. They thrive today because their actions say, “Bother me even if you don’t want to buy anything!” or “Ask for special favors or want to be treated special? See just how fast we can do what ever we can to make you happy!”  

What are your actions saying to your existing or potential customers? Do they encourage customers to do business with you or are you doing your best to keep them away.

Here are few things you need to take a closer look at in your business:

  • What does your signage say both inside and outside your business. Is it a positive or negative message?
  • Negative messages use words like; NO, NOT ALLOWED, DON’T, NOT PERMITTED, CAN’T, WILL NOT, YOU MUST, YOU HAVE TO, YOU NEED TO and the list goes on.
  • Positive messages use words like; PLEASE, THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE, WE VALUE, WE LOVE
  • Come up with scenarios where you “Can Do” rather than focusing on what you Can’t Do”!

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Your attitudes and values are shown and demonstrated by your actions. If you want to create and build customer loyalty, make sure those actions contribute to a positive experience for your customers. “Need Change? We Would Love to Help You”! If you and your team can focus on that, I know the results will be Magical!