Hug Your Customers

Valentine’s Day is just about here and hopefully you’ve already bought something for that special someone, sent flowers or made reservations at a fancy new restaurant.  You may be thinking that your work is done. What about your customers, clients, vendor and employees and co-workers? Have you thought about them?  For these important people in your business, it’s not about love – it’s about appreciation!

There is certainly nothing wrong with going all out and showing your love for the special person you hold dearly. I  just think that the others in your life and business deserve a little appreciation, too!

It is obvious to all of us that about 99.9% of the Valentine’s cards out there are about how much you love the other person. If you send a Valentine’s Day cards out to your customers in a professional business setting, that would probably just be a little awkward  and weird.  I understand.  However, Valentine’s Day is about appreciating the people who are important to you.  Aren’t your customers important to you? Don’t you appreciate them?

Business owners should never underestimate the value of making a customer feel appreciated.   A happy customer is not just satisfied with the features and performance of your product or service. Your customers also want to feel an emotional connection with you and your business. Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated? When you sincerely show your appreciation to a customer you are valuing them as a person or customer rather than just valuing their business transaction and money. That will add to the entire customer experience.

On this Valentine’s Day, here are a few tips you can do today or every day in your business to show your appreciation.  Try having a brain storm session with your fellow co-workers and I am sure you will be easily be able to add to this list.

Tips To Show Appreciation To Your Customers:

1. If a customer asks if you can do something for them, especially business related, the answer is always YES! Do it Now!

2.  Send a small gift or special “thank you” card telling them you were thinking of them on Valentine’s day and that you appreciate their business.

3.  Throw in some extras that you can include with your product or service to surprise your customers and give them a little more.No levitra professional online change was introduced for pension relief for higher tax payers in the budget of Mr. This cheap cialis from canada helps to a great extend in regaining youth strength and power. Brachymet, for short, is most common on the fourth uk tadalafil toe and has a higher female to male ratio. Then, gallbladder surgery became extremely common in Read Full Report on line cialis men with diabetes.

4.  Demonstrate an act of kindness towards your customer or better yet a family member of a customer to show that you care.

Valentine’s Day is as simple as asking yourself and your team, who do we appreciate?  If you appreciate your customers, they will appreciate you and keep coming back.  If they like you they will spend more money. If they feel appreciated they will tell others.  If they tell others  you will have more customers. Once you understand this cycle you have figured out a way to differentiate your business from the competition.

On this holiday, let your customers know that you’re thinking about them and that you wish them a  happy Valentine’s Day to show your appreciation (love) to them. I promise your customers will appreciate it and you. A wonderful way to make the customer experience and your business a little more memorable and “magical”!

Special Valentine’s Day Gift Just For You!

To show my appreciation to all of my “Magic Minute ” members,  I have a special gift for you as well this Valentine’s Day.  Just email me at and I will send you a special report: “Five Ways to Make Your Customer’s Feel Special” for FREE!   A great tool for any business and staff. Use it to help make your customer experience magical!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you!