This “Magic Minute” is a little different than the ones I usually provide. I thought I would share with you an article I recently provided for a national business journal. It will demonstrate to you the benefits and increased revenue opportunities you can achieve for your business. Feel free to share it with your staff, team or others. I promise it will only take a minute to read and will be well worth the time.

How much money is a loyal customer worth to you and your business? Providing a consistent and memorable customer experience means you can count on keeping more of your current customers and less time trying to acquire new customers.

Of course all businesses should always have a plan and strategy for obtaining new customers; mostly due to the fact that people move and change buying habits. However, assuming a current customer loves your product or brand, has a great customer experience, has established a good relationship with you or your staff and is a true fan, they will work for you to help save and make you more money.

The key is you don’t need to spend lots of money on advertising and marketing. The great customer experience that you and your staff provide will speak for itself. This will help you benefit from other cost savings and being more efficient too! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the facts.

Your most loyal customers and fans;

  • Are less price sensitive and will pay a premium for a better experience. (No more coupons and discounting)
  • Stay with you longer, spend more and expand their purchases to new products/offers
  • May overlook product or service mistakes and have fewer complaints
  • Provide feedback to help you improve and succeed
  • Will tell, refer and recommend others to your business

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How much is all that worth to you and your business? Most small businesses don’t have deep pockets of cash to be spent on advertising and marketing. That’s why I am so passionate about helping my clients and fellow small business colleagues get the most of their hard earned dollars. Simply by showing, training and coaching them on how to create a unique, memorable and magical Disney-like customer focused culture in their business to achieve the benefits and remarkable rewards today.

The best part is that a magical customer experience doesn’t have to be some big, time consuming, high cost program. Just have you and your staff pay more attention to your current customers, demonstrate that you care, provide more value, build relationships, become more interested in them and seek their feedback will bring you all the business you will need to become more profitable. Now that would be magical!