Are you making positive intentions a daily habit when speaking with your customers, clients and fellow team members? Interacting with purposeful intent not only benefits others, it also will help you attract and gain more of what you want. This positive intention people-connecting energy is empowering. It builds your confidence, wins customer support, increases power and influence, cements satisfaction in your relationships, and will help accelerate your success when dealing with others. 


Watch how differently people respond and how moments are transformed when you put your positive intentions into practice! With intent to create and build good connections, you always leave a long-lasting, positive impression behind about you and your business.

By choosing to build enduring connections, every moment becomes an opportunity to make others feel valued and to build or strengthen your relationships with them. Your actions will reflect this intention and command people’s respect, admiration, trust, and confidence. An enduring connection, particularly with your customers, will gain loyalty to any product or service you might provide. It’s pure gold and priceless!

Here are a few examples you and your team can try out to practice your positive intentions towards others. A reminder that these can be used for your customers, team members and even family.

* Help solve a problem                                  * Help relieve their stress

* Extend empathy towards them                    * Listen attentively

* Lift someones spirits                                    * Save them time 

* Help them make money                               * Help them save money

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* Nurture their potential                                  * Provide support

* Acknowledge their work                               * Appreciate their contributions

* Give genuine compliments                           * Surprise and delight them

* Enhance their self-image or feelings of self-worth


Take your commitment to create positive connections with you every- where-at home, to work, to school, to meetings, on the road, or anywhere you go! Use it with customers, co-workers, clients, kids, friends, business partners, and particularly with people who test your patience.

When interacting with others in positive ways, you enter each moment focused on delivering something of great value to share with them, YOU! When this becomes a habit and part of your daily routine, you will create memorable moments, relationships and connections that are magical!