Our name is the most important thing we own. Knowing someones name can automatically create a personal connection. However, I am noticing more and more businesses are doing away with employee name tags and replacing them with credit card like badges hanging from a lanyard. How can someone, fellow employee or customer make a personal connection if they can’t read or know your name?

All cast members (employees) are required to wear a name tag on their costumes (uniforms) or professional clothing at all times. Every name tag has the cast member’s first name imprinted in big bold letters. Why a first name? Disney believes it is important to establish a first name basis with others. They discovered that the use of Mr. Mrs. Miss, Dr. or others often create an invisible wall or barrier between you and the other person. Even the CEO of Disney is on a first name basis and wears a name tag.


Visible name tags can also serve another great purpose in your business. If you notice on the bottom of this Disney name tag (my original name tag I wore at Disney) you will see a city and state. This is my home town where I was from. Every cast member’s home town is identified on their name tag. It is there to create an instant connection with guests in the parks or resorts.

Guests will often notice the city and state and automatically make an inquiry and begin a conversation. It is a great way to make a connection with a guest. More importantly, it begins the start of a relationship which will create a memorable experience.  As soon as the guest asks about the cast member’s home town, the cast member will turn around and ask the guest their name and where they are from. It becomes an easy way to learn the guest’s name, connect and begin a memorable relationship.
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Dale Carnegie, an expert in relationship building reminds us that; “Using and remembering a person’s name is to that person the sweetest  and most important sound in any language.”  You and your staff should be aware of the magic contained in a person’s name. Using a person’s name sets the individual apart and makes any person unique and special among all others. The information we share, service we provide or the request we make takes on a personalized importance when we approach the situation with the name of the person.

That’s how you can connect with co-workers, customers and clients. Connections create loyalty and loyalty is the glue to create positive relationships that will set you apart from others. It is an amazing way to make the experience memorable and definitely more Magical!