Do you and your staff have an obsession for customers? Constantly thinking of how your customers perceive their experience as well as having employees obsessed in making sure their experience is memorable is an important link in making the customer experience magical in any business or organization.

The sensations that create a magical customer experience are usually established through people on the front line of any business. For many customers, front line employees, might be the only physical contact that they have with your business. This will leave your customers with either a negative or positive impression of you which could lead to future business opportunities with that particular customer and others.

In my keynotes, workshops and coaching, I share with my audience and clients that in order to increase their business and create customer loyalty, the business, all leaders and the entire staff must have an obsession with customers.

So how do you know if you and your staff have an obsession with customers? Ask these questions.

  1. Does your business think “customer” whenever you make a decision or new policy?
  2. Does your customer feel better served that expected?
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  4. Does your business create a perception of value received, making the customer feel good about doing business with you?
  5. Have you made your business into one big experience or do you just focus on customer service and satisfaction?
  6. Do you treat your customers as if you were going to see them every working day for the rest of your life?
  7. Do you worry about your existing customers going some place else and to your competition?

When you sit down with your staff, ask and digest these questions, you will realize that your business has to develop the obsession for creating sensations with your customers through the front line, grassroots employees of your business.  If your a bank, that means the teller, not just the branch manager. If you are a restaurant, that means the hostess and server, not just the manager or assistant manager of the restaurant. If you are an entrepreneur, it means YOU! It is not enough to merely have a personal obsession of your product or service.

Disney is obsessed with “making people happy” and the sensations its guests and visitors receive when they enter their parks and resorts. How obsessed are you and your business, about the sensations your customers receive? Start building a culture of obsession for customers in your business today. If you need help contact me today. I promise you, that obsession, will surely increase business and differentiate you from the competition while creating a Magical Customer Experience!