Technology and communication have forever altered the speed of business. Though there is no doubt that technology has made us more productive, efficient and easier to reach many of our customers at any time, it has also pushed us further apart from creating a magical customer experience. In my opinion, there has been more focus on technology and less focus on building personal relationships. The one-on-one interactions you have with your customers are the basis for the customer experience and getting customers to love you.

Has technology removed the need to actually speak to your customers? Does your business take away human interactions such as online banking or product ordering. Although this can be very effective in a large company, the ability to be empathetic and interact with customers will always be the difference, competitive edge and success for any small business like yours. 

People who own and work for small businesses must understand just how important the ability to get others and customers to like you, trust you, buy you and love you is one of the main ingredients for small business success. 

There is nothing easy about serving customers. Your job is hard, demanding and at times just plain crazy. Each interaction, no matter how insignificant, with a customer creates an experience that they feel and remember. These experiences are cumulative and over time become the foundation of long term customer loyalty.  The relationships that you you build with your customers are more important than product, services or price.

People don’t love businesses, they love you! You probably have customers who buy you, love you and members of your staff because of the relationships with them are strong. Serving customers and delivering a “magical” customer experience is an emotional endeavor. It becomes personal to your customers.

Though you may believe your products, service or price has a greater impact on your customer’s experience than you do, I assure you that this is not the case. Customers don’t do business with companies, they do business with people!

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Ask yourself and team these questions:

  1. What technology has taken away the interaction with our customers? Is there an alternative way we can communicate one-on-one with our customers more effectively?
  2. Are you and your team spending more time worrying about products, inventory, answering emails, doing schedules, meetings, stocking shelves, and technology than you actually do interacting and engaging with your customers?
  3. As a manager or business owner, are you spending too much time in your office rather than managing by walking around, (MBWA) speaking to customers and building customer relationships?

It is this understanding of human behavior, empathy, communication skills and the ability to build relationships will make customers love you and your competitive edge to make your business truly special and valuable in this economy. 

If your business or organization is interested in learning how to better communicate, connect, be likable and memorable in 30 seconds or less with your customers, to create a magical customer experience, increase business and build customer loyalty for life, contact me today. I want your customers to love you! Now that would be Magical!