Would you agree that as customers, we all want to feel special and receive personal attention? Customers love to hear their names and not to be just a number or transaction when doing business. When we receive a little more special attention we often return to that business and tell others.

One particular business that I have come to know certainly understands how to make their customers/clients feel special. Chris Hobart, of Hobart Financial Group and his staff truly do a great job in providing personal attention and including little extras that make the customer experience magical!

Hobart welcome sign

Recently my wife and I were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Hobart Financial Group office for an appointment. As soon as we walked in the door and into the lobby we noticed our names on a large screen welcoming us to their office. It was a pleasant surprise. We were immediately acknowledged and greeted by a friendly staff person who introduced herself and asked if we would like coffee or a beverage. We had lots of options to choose from, gave our request and were seated in a conference room.

Just a few minutes later our coffees arrived along with cookies and assorted nuts. There was even a small bag if we wanted to take the cookies or nuts home with us. It certainly was a nice touch.

Hobart cookies

What do you do to help make your customers/clients feel welcomed when doing business with you? Do you plan ahead for their arrival, remember their names, or give little extra to  make them feel special?  It is the little things that can mean the most to your customers.

Here are a few tips:
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1. Plan ahead when your customers are arriving for an appointment.

2. Make the first impression of your business unique and special.

3. Place their names on a sign or picture frame before they arrive.

4. Provide and offer little extras such as cookies, coffee, teas, lemonade or snacks for your customers while they are waiting.

I understand that every business may not be able to welcome each one of their customers this way, but try to make it a point to do something unique for your customers, particularly when making a first impression. Treat them differently than your competition. Show them that you care and appreciate their business. Your customers will certainly remember you and tell others.

I always tell my coaching clients and audiences that creating a magical customer experience must be part of your overall business marketing plan. It is not just about making people feel good. It is all about taking great care of your existing customers to make the customer experience and your business memorable.  The results will be magical!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!