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“Hey folks... this is Famous Dave, founder of Famous Dave's of America, the most awarding winning restaurant in America. I have been driving in my car late at night for over 3 hours listening to John’s CDs over and over again. They are unbelievable! By far one of the best I have ever heard and I don’t say that lightly. If you want to jumpstart your own business, I highly recommend getting John Formica's "Making The Customer's Experience Magical Now –Five Star Training Kit.” It will transform the way your team and business interacts with your very valuable customers. John is one of the best speakers and trainers in the hospitality industry! Rib-O-Liciously Yours...
Famous Dave Anderson, Founder of Famous Dave's, The World's Best BBQ Joint and America's Best Tasting Ribs!

John with Famous Dave Anderson,
Founder of Famous Dave's Restaurants

John delivers hands on
seminars and workshops

"I must tell you that your keynote and workshop exceeded every expectation we had and then some! You were right on target with your subject matter and presented it in such a way that each person, no matter what his or her job description might be, could relate and benefit from it."
Sue Head
HR Director, Sun Realty

"John is a great speaker. He was very motivating and gave me the right tools."
Connecticut Heart Group

"Best Seminar leader I've experienced. In fact, the only seminar I've stayed for the entire time! Enthusiastic, insightful and his knowledge was incredible."
Ann Arbor, MI

"Excellent! I have attended other workshops- John is by far the finest I have encountered."
Basic Phones, Inc.

"John did a fabulous job - very knowledgeable, easy to listen to and held my interest all day long. John loves what he does and it shows in his presentations."
Sugarplum Bakery Treats

"John uses the exact amount of humor and subject knowledge, balanced with audience participation to make a very upbeat seminar. His closing statements, personal beliefs and stories were wonderful. I will recommend his seminar to many."
Santa Rosa, CA

"Powerful speaker! Well informed of the content. Great Motivator!"
Catawba Hospital


"It is what you learn after you know it all that counts." – John Wooden

Book – "Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!"

How to Succeed in Business and Beat Out Your Competition Today!

Have you ever wondered how Disney and other service oriented companies continue to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Team Working Environment and Customer Service? If Disney ran your business what would it look like?

As a former hotel leader with the Walt Disney World Resort organization and other successful companies, today John is known throughout the United States as "America's Best and Favorite Customer Experience Coach." John shares incredible experiences and success strategies to help your small business and organization create a "Magical" Customer Experience and Culture. If Disney can do it why can't you!

This easy to follow book is filled with practical, applicable and rewarding action tips to create customer and employee loyalty, differentiate your organization from your competition and compete in this challenging economy? You, your organization and team will be inspired and empowered to achieve extraordinary "Magical" Results!

"Making The Customer
Experience Magical Now!"

How To Succeed in Business and Beat Out Your Competition Today!

Book - $19.97

2-CD Set – "Making the Customer Experience Magical Now!"

John Formica's most requested program and valued packed customer experience message is now available on CD! The highly applicable and informative CD covers topics like:

Featuring a keynote presented before a live audience, the content is designed to be entertaining, informative and practical. This 2-CD set contains over 90 minutes of packed filled information, that is fun and easy to listen to.

"Making The Customer
Experience Magical Now!"

How To Succeed in Business and Beat Out Your Competition Today!

2-CD Set - $49.97

3-CD Set – "How to Find, Interview and Hire Magical People Today! Secrets To Never Having A Bad Hire Again!"

Are you tired of having candidates do so well during the interview only to be a bust on the job? Do you have a revolving door of average employees coming and going?  Why settle for average people in your business and team. Learn 8 Proven Steps to never have a bad hire again and stop wasting time, money, low productivity, poor team morale, and losing customers in your business:

In today's competitive business world, you need to have the best players to be a successful business. This program recorded live is a must for any business. Imagine if you had only the top players working in your business and team. What would your business look like today! Never have a bad hire again!

"How to Find, Interview and Hire Magical People Today! Secrets To Never Having A Bad Hire Again!"

3-CD Set - $97.00

Five Star "Customer Experience"
Transformation Kit
Business Team Training Package and Home Study Guide

Attract More Business • Build Customer Loyalty For Life
Hire The Right People • Create A Disney-like Culture and more

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