Have you ever taken a shortcut to complete a project or task? Most likely you have because of the lack of time or knowledge. Sometimes taking shortcuts can leave a bad experience and impression for our business and customers. Let me give you an example and you decide whether this shortcut affects the customer experience. Does it create what Disney calls a “bad show”? In other words, creates an unprofessional, tacky or non-caring attitude and perception affecting the customer experience.

I was out shopping when I came across this perfect example of a “bad show”.  When walking up to the front entrance of this retail store, I noticed a construction crew was out repairing the side walk and entrance way. The crew was busy pouring concrete and had set up red cones to keep people away from the area. Certainly nothing looked unusual.


After leaving the store, I noticed that the crew had finished their project. What was so surprising to me was how the crew left the project. As you can see from the photo, the crew was obviously trying to block off the area until the concrete dried.  However, it looked like they just grabbed anything they could find, including placing a shopping cart upside down to do it. Now does this look professional? I think you would all agree with me that this was totally unprofessional, unacceptable and why.

  • No signage letting customers aware of the wet concrete other than the use of ugly yellow caution tape.
  • The use of an upside down shopping cart instead of professional cones or stanchions to block off the area.
  • Haphazardly wrapped the caution tape around the area.
  • Created a worse safety situation.
  • I bet the crew will not return to remove the blocked area and will just leave it to the store owner.

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How many of you think you could make that store front area and situation better? It was obvious that the crew took a shortcut and could care less about what it looked like. They cared only about completing their job, laying concrete, with no regard of how it looked after the project was done. They certainly didn’t care about the businesses in the area or providing a “good show “or “bad show”. Unfortunately, I find that most businesses fall into this category and accept this sloppiness as just the way of doing business. I am sure this will only continue because sloppiness can become contagious. Would you hire this construction crew based on their overall quality of work?

Every person needs to look at their business as being “on stage” and part of the show. It is important to note that when you take shortcuts just to complete a project, take a step back, evaluate it and ask yourself if creates and results in a “bad show” customer experience. Take a little extra time to make sure there can be a better way. Be proud of the work you do and don’t lower your standards of quality. Think about what your customers and employees might perceive that sloppiness to be.   Attention to details and “good show” will always leave your customers with a better customer experience. Now that would be Magical!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!