Are you struggling with the lack of employee engagement in your business?  Do you find that many of your employees or teammates just go through the motions while at work by doing the very least each shift? You may not know this but your staff, teams, leaders and business can inspire people to show up to work every day and do their best. Together, these factors create employee connections, relationships, shared values, emotional bonds and engagement in your business.

When your staff feels connected to your business, they experience improved job satisfaction, loyalty, productivity and more.  Many clients in my coaching programs have found that building a connected workplace has become more challenging in recent years. I help them overcome those challenges by adapting creative strategies for their workplace and businesses.

In this “Magic Minute”, I will explain to you why it is important and how your business or organization can build a unique strategy and workplace culture that will nurture stronger connections and ties with your team to make your business and teams more successful today.

Why Are Employee Connections Important?

When employees feel connected to their teammates, they are more likely to feel a part of something greater than themselves. This sense of belonging is the key to building strong teams that believe in what you do and want for your business. Individuals working in your business can connect to:

  • People– Develop relationships with their managers, teammates and even customers
  • Work– Find connections through meaningful work and growth opportunities
  • Purpose– May identify with your company’s values, mission, purpose and the ability to make a difference.

Also, when your employees feel connected to their peers, work and company they will also create the following:

  1. Better Teamwork – Work together to achieve more
  2. Higher Retention – Strong connections boost company loyalty and reduce turnover
  3. Improved Communication – Creates more open and honest feedback
  4. Increased Productivity and Motivation – Become more creative and willing to do more than expected

Six Strategies For Creating Great Connections

Let me share with you some strategies that I have helped implement with business owners and managers who participate in my coaching programs. The results have been remarkable!

  1. Increase Recognition – Regularly recognizing employees and co-workers’ hard work and thanking them for their contributions will boost connections. In fact, one survey found that 92% of employees feel more valued when recognition programs are a part of a business strategy. Ongoing or even informal recognition is very effective and will validate employees and positively reinforce their good behaviors in the workplace. Make it a point of catching people doing it right. If you see it say it!
  1. Clear Understanding of Their Purpose and Goals- When employees understand how their everyday responsibilities and tasks are linked to their purpose or business mission, they are more likely to find their work more meaningful and fulfilling. Disney’s example of “Making people happy!”
  2. Giving Back To Their Community– By regularly giving back to your community you will help your employees feel more connected to something larger and their work becomes more purposeful.
  3. Make it Personal – Celebrate milestones, work anniversaries and birthdays. Give employees time off to attend family events, monetary awards or simple personal thank you notes will demonstrate to your employees that you care and appreciate their loyalty.
  4. Listen to Your Employees– Get to know their stories. People won’t hear you until they know you. Seek feedback, ideas and suggestions from them. Make them feel like they make a difference.
  5. Communicate Clearly and Often – Keep your employees in the know and updated on latest business successes, financial reports, customer feedback and challenges. Simple stand up or all staff meetings, newsletters, communication boards or company’s Facebook pages can be very effective.

Again, these are just a few strategies that I like to share and help implement to many of my coaching program clients in their businesses and organizations. Why? Because they work. Creating an engaging culture and rewarding strong connections doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey. But if you are still struggling and want better connections and increased employee engagement in your business do what Walt Disney always told his people. “It’s time to stop talking and begin doing!” The results will be “MAGICAL”!

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