Have you ever said to yourself, “With all the extra work that I have and barely keeping my head above water, I wish I had more time to thank my staff and coworkers.” The reality is that you have to choose to make the time.

Experts have said that it takes about eight seconds to make an inviting or uninviting impression on an employee or coworker. A Gallup poll found that if a worker was just 5% more positively engaged that national productivity in the U.S. would rise by $79 billion per year. WOW!! The bottom line is that if we want to make magic in our organization we all need to make the time to thank people.

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As your responsibility level as a leader or supervisor rises, your success is directly related to how well you can build relationships with your team. A simple thank you or kind act is one great way to begin, build and maintain positive, healthy relationships in your business or organization.
Here are few simple tips and the time they take to create a magical moment with an employee or coworker. Try them today!

1. Saying thank you to a person –  takes only 2 or 3 seconds
2. Saying thank you and why- takes only 12 to 14 seconds
3. Writing a short thank you note or e-mail – takes only 5 to 8 minutes
Magical Thank You!
As you can see it only takes a few seconds or more to thank a person or perform a kind act. I am sure we all can find a few seconds in our day to thank an employee or team member in our business. Remember this quote: “People will treat others the same way they get treated” If we want to make the customer experience magical in our business or workplace, let’s begin by choosing the time to thank people in some way. Then watch the Magic begin!