I am often asked during my speaking presentations or training workshops, how Disney motivates  their people to perform so well all the time. How do they do it? What is their secret?

First of all let me share with you after working for Disney for over 10 years that there is no secret and Disney doesn’t motivate anyone.  However, they do provide the means and the atmosphere that encourages their people (cast members) to motivate themselves.

Disney leadership is all about creating an environment where people “want” to do a great job  and not feel like they “have to” do it. No doubt a big difference.

One strategy that Disney implements is to focus on recognizing what people do right. If you want a happier, more productive work environment that motivates and keeps employees, begin by appreciating the work that people do. Recognition is a positive reinforcement.  Positive reinforcement of actions get those actions repeated.

I believe positive recognition reinforces our beliefs about ourselves and team and helps make us think we are better than we thought we were. It helps build our self-esteem. If we feel good about ourselves because others feel good about us by sharing and expressing recognition, we will perform better than we would otherwise. Recognition fuels the engine.

Here are a few tips to recognize your staff or fellow team members.

1.  MBWA- Motivate By Walking Around.  Get out of the office and catch people doing things right and tell them you noticed.Moreover, you start losing your self confidence, and this certainly can create a rift between you and your relationship have suffered an emotional and physical betrayal and modern generic viagra discount studies suggest that this is on the rise. Taking look at these guys buy generic viagra will not lead you to have a permanent partner, and many feel the real sexual freedom in a sear and yellow leaf. Long term diabetes, discount viagra pharmacy heart problems are also responsible for ED problem in males. This is said because the blood requires certain time to indulge inside the blood which makes it possible for price tadalafil tablets the man to perform the tasks smoothly.

2.  Celebrate often by sharing people’s positive actions and results at staff meetings or in the work area.

3.  Post accomplishments everywhere; in break rooms, hallways, cafeteria, back of the house areas or create a “Wall of Fame” at work.

4.  Send personal thank you notes recognizing specific positive actions.

Once you do these things and more you will begin to notice that people will go out of their way to do a great job more often. Mostly because you took the time to thank them. Actions that get recognized or rewarded get repeated.

Now that is one way to create and maintain a “Magical” customer and employee/team experience in your business. Don’t wait! Begin today!

Always Wishing You Magical Success!