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John with former star, George
Costanza, of TV Show,
"Seinfeld" - Jason Alexander

John tailors his programs
for all audiences and

"I wanted to thank you so much for your presentation at the College. The information that you provide is straight forward and we are able to apply right away."
Margi Erickson

"Your presentation was right on target! It is truly a gift you have in engaging the audience. Your story, delivery and message are inspirational. You truly do bring the "Magic!"
Michelle Lovelace
Fort Sill National Bank

"Wow! You were dynamic and really impressed our entire team with your knowledge and practical applications. We are excited and can't wait to welcome our guests with open arms and positively change the culture of the Outer Banks."
Suzanne Head
Sun Realty of Nags Head, Inc.

"It was awesome! The best staff training we have ever had yet."
Liz Gregg
Braswell Memorial Library

"Thank you so much for facilitating the meeting for us. All the feedback I've gotten so far has been very positive. Many of the staff commented that it was the best meeting of this type that they've experienced and that you facilitated it better than anyone else they've experienced. Kudos!"
Steve Starr
TobinStarr PLLC

"I have been attending sales and motivational seminars for over thirty years and can't remember one that grabbed my attention and held it through the entire presentation. I strongly suggest that we have John back again."
George Bell
Regional Manager,
Fort Sill National Bank

"Having a motivator like John Formica come in and energize our employees and management staff, was like a "air freshener plug in". Refreshing starts immediately."
Paula Frazier
Marriott Hotels

"In my eight years as a Chamber employee, I have been to many, many seminars and luncheons, but I must say, yours was the best I have ever experienced. Thank you so much for enlightening so many people on Administrative Professionals' Day in Henderson."
Sylvia Edwards
Henderson Chamber of Commerce

Let An “Ex-Disney Guy” and America’s Best Customer Experience
Coach Elevate and Inspire Your Audience

John has presented to associations of 20 to 2,000!

Inspiring the Hospitality & Tourism Community


Keynotes and Conferences
As one of the most sought after and favorite keynote speakers in the U.S., John's wealth of knowledge and "Disney Insider" experience has earned a reputation for his exciting high energy, enthusiastic and no-nonsense approach to create a "Magical" customer and employee experience in any organization. Spice up your next conference and audience with his many topics on leadership, team relationships or customer service. Contact John for a list of High Impact Motivational topics and effective presentations tailored for your audience or organization.

Seminars and Workshops
Every seminar and workshop is customized and tailored to meet the everyday real life challenges of the participants and organization. A hands on, action learning and fun approach has made him popular with any type of organization. Never dull or boring PowerPoints, participants will learn easy, and practical, not theory, methods that can be applied immediately after the seminar to get the results you want now!


Making the Customer Experience Magical! - If Disney Ran Your Business What Would it Look Like?
(John's Most Popular and Requested Topic - Keynote or 2-Hour to Full Day Program)

Have you ever wondered how the Walt Disney World Resort continues to produce a dynamic model on Business Excellence, Leadership, Working Environment and Customer Service? It is not about service. It’s all about creating a memorable Customer Experience. Learn secrets success strategies to attract more customers, build brand loyalty for life, beat out your competition and transform your business into a Disney-like culture. Tailored to any industry, association, business community, staff and leadership levels. A must program if you are serious in having a successful business or organization and survive in today’s challenging economy! If Disney can do it why can’t you?

Making Relationships Magical - Secrets to Create Lasting Connections with Customers, Business, Teams, Leadership, Sales and in the Workplace.
(Keynote or 2-hr to Full Day Program)

Are poor relationships causing your teams to struggle, lack productivity, employee turnover, poor service and lack of sales? Imagine if everyone on your team or business could get along, make instant connections with your customers or clients, be more memorable and likable and create trusting relationships that will have an immediate impact on the success of your organization? This program is guaranteed to make your teams and Business more successful?

Making Leadership Magical - The Secret Positive Approach to Leading and Winning With People.
(Keynote or 2-hr to Full Day Program)

People leave managers not organizations. Your ability to get things done through others is the single most important factor in how to lead, inspire and build a successful "Customer Experience Team." Learn valuable strategies that Disney leaders and others use to immediately improve your new or existing leadership style, get your people excited, build respect, motivated, committed to excellence and achieve more success in any organization. Secrets to be an effective leader in just Five Minutes or less!

How to Find, Interview, and Hire Magical People - Secrets That Will Absolutely Prevent You From Ever Having a Bad Hire Again!”
(Keynote or 2hr to Full Day Program)

Making The Workplace Magical - Secrets to Create a Positive "Whistle While You Work" Atmosphere in Your Organization
(Keynote or 2-Hour to Full Day Program)

John shares his Disney experience and more on how you can create a positive and fun "Whistle While You Work" environment to increase productivity, improve morale and the energy in your organization. Learn the keys to how Disney and other successful organizations replace anxiety, apathy and stress with enthusiasm, achievement and energy. Associations, conferences and teams love this entertaining and inspiring program!

Dream, Dare, Believe and Do - Secret Success Principles to Achieve Greatness in Business and Life!”
(Most Requested Motivational Topic for Conferences, Colleges and Students)
(Keynote or 2-3 Hour Program)

John's shares his incredible life changing story about his journey to the top of Mt. Rainier. Learn how John overcame his fears on the mountain, pushed himself to the limit, avoided death and persevered to achieve his goal. Learn secret success principles to overcome challenges in business and life, build your self-esteem, overcome fears, have a plan for your life and be the best you can be. Let John help you reach the top of your own mountain in life and achieve greatness today!


Spice up your next meeting, retreat or event by making it entertaining, informative and fun! John's has facilitated numerous meetings and retreats to develop specific solutions to provide immediate answers to the challenges you face.