It is a law of human nature that your employees will never treat customers any better than they are treated. I know we all have come across managers and business owners who disagree and say “They work here, they get paid and they’ll treat customers the way I tell them or they can find another job.” This certainly sounds good but how effective do you think that works?

However, successful leaders truly understand that their time spent on listening, educating, coaching, empowering, rewarding and engaging their employees is a better approach than just barking out orders all day. This will create an environment that allows their people to reach their full potential. Successful leaders also understand that implementing effective training strategies and recognition programs to celebrate successes and to simply thank people for a job well done is crucial to having happy and motivated employees.

If you have ever been to to Disney World I am sure you would have experienced a friendly, helpful and productive team atmosphere. The reason for this is that  Disney is an organization built upon the investment in people as much as anything else. Unlike many small businesses, they don’t overlook the need to invest in their most valuable asset, their employees. Ongoing training and recognition programs are part of the everyday life and role of a leader at Disney.

I  realize that running a profitable small business certainly has its challenges. While the costs of labor is usually one of the largest expenses for small businesses, spending time and money to train, motivate, encourage and recognize their staff doesn’t get the attention it should. Retaining employees is becoming more and more difficult. Good people, with the right attitude, who possess the right skills, knowledge, experience and customer relationships are not easily replaced. The non productive time and cost of turnover can be expensive for a small business. But what about the affects it will cause on the customer experience?

Happy employees, not products and services, hold the key to the future success of any small business. A recent pole of small businesses indicated that “Limited  recognition and praise and the lack of continuous training” were the top reasons why morale is low and people change jobs.  The investment in learning and recognition programs to train, acknowledge, recognize and congratulate employees and their effort is money well spent.

Consider this preventive maintenance. Like an oil change for an automobile, it is training, recognition and coaching which will keep any small business moving smoothly and avoid the expensive, disruptive breakdowns caused by employee turnover. The culture of making your employees happy  is just as important as making your customers happy and starts at the top.It enhances blood supply and oxygen supply to the reproductive organs to counter sexual disorders like male impotence, low libido, erectile dysfunction, low semen volume, low sperm count and premature ejaculation. order viagra Contributes to to work with nervousness might be external due to the fact cheapest levitra well. Kamni capsules contain quality constituents which ensure release of euphoria inducing chemicals, endorphins that are natural stress busters. buy cialis online After blending into the blood, the active ingredient relaxes penile muscles, dilate the vessels and open up the arteries for allowing viagra on line sales more blood to the male reproductive organ making it extremely stiff and hard.

Important Questions To Think About and Ask:

1. “Is employee morale where it should be?”

2, “If not, what can we do to make it better?

As the old saying goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If want to take that step towards creating better morale  and less turnover, you have to have the courage to take that step and ask your fellow leaders and front line staff together to say, “I need your help.” What are new fresh ideas to improve our training and morale in our business?”

“Treat Employees Like They Make

a Difference and They Will!”

Don’t underestimate what a positive affect that might have on your business.  Employees will treat their customers the same way they get treated.  It may be the key role for the future success in your small business. If you can take that first step and begin to ask those two question, I promise, you will be on your way for creating a Disney-like culture that is Magical!