Many of my coaching clients, as well as other business owners, have asked me if customer’s “needs” and “wants” have changed during the pandemic. My answer to them is absolutely! In fact, customer’s needs and wants are constantly changing and it is important for you and your business to be aware of these changes in order to adapt their customer experience accordingly.

The customer experience journey has certainly been affected by the pandemic and the businesses that are the most successful today have made adjustments to do their best to give their customers what they want.  Ask your customers what their major concerns are right now and you will be surprised to hear that it is not just about price. Today, safety, health and well being are at the forefront of the customer experience.

During this pandemic, there are two major components that are important to what your customers want when doing business with you. In this video, I share the two components that will make your customer experience meet the needs and wants of your customers.

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Always strive in continuing to improve your customer experience to meet the needs and wants of your customers and you will be more successful during these challenging times. Want help? Contact America’s Customer Experience Coach Today to schedule your FREE Discovery Call at