‘Whistle While You Work’ From Home!


Many of you, and your team, like myself, are stuck at home during these challenging times. Right now that has become a realty.  One of the most important aspects in the workplace, that is a must, if you want to create a “Magical Customer Experience” is to make the workplace fun. With most of us working from home, it is now even more important to create a “Whistle While You Work From Home” experience for your team environment.

I have been sharing ideas with my clients, on how to make the workplace fun so that you can you can continue to boost everyone’s work-from-home morale and productivity. Here is what you need to know.

Your customers don’t care where you work:

Due to the reality of the Coronavirus, it’s not just you that’s working from home, your entire team may have gone remote and stress can surely rise during this transition. But rather than succumbing to fears and stress, it’s time to remain positive and make the best of the situation to meet everyone’s emotional needs.

After all, your customers don’t care where you work, but how productive you are and how you care for them. Do this well and the customer experience remains magical; fail and watch your customers move on to your competition.

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 Fortunately, with new tools and apps to help us be more productive, we all can still get the work done. And who knows, with fewer visual and social distractions you may even become more productive remotely than in-person.

However we still need to consider the entire work from home environment. In this video I will be sharing a few tips to implement in your work place that will help you create a positive ‘whistle while you work from home’ environment.

After this Covid-19 virus is behind us, we will all be telling stories to others about what we went through while working from home. You want to make sure people and your team share the good stories not the bad ones. Having good stories, shared by others, will leave a lasting positive “whistle while you work from home” environment and impression about you and your business. Now that will be Magical!

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