Today’s customers not only demand the best from your products and services, they also demand the best from your people and systems. Customers crave an experience more personalized, human and efficient. 

Providing a Magical Customer Experience, across all touch points, becomes the standard of which your customers will judge you and your business.  It starts from the moment your customer pre-purchases to after the transaction experience. This isn’t just a nice thing to do. It becomes essential in maintaining your success and staying one step ahead of your competition. We all have experienced it first hand.

Recently I had to called a business to inquiry about a recent incorrect bill. Just a few seconds into the call, *click*, the call drops, and so does my attitude. After waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I  finally started a conversation with a real person. Finally, someone who was going to help me with my questions. She was listening to me explain the situation, and was about to tell me what I needed to do next when then…the call dropped. 

Before I could call and reach her again, I wondered why no one had taken my name or number. So, I thought, what are the odds my details are even recorded or remembered? How will I get back to that same agent or do I have to start all over? She’s probably already moved on to the next customer inquiry. 

We all dread these situations. How much time is wasted trying to get help from customer service departments without resolution? Bad experiences like these leave a bad taste. It’s hard to make purchases or use services from any business that doesn’t value the customer experience.

When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. Customer experience matters! It can make all the difference in customer retention, revenue and competition.

Considering my poor service experience, it didn’t even matter if the agent I talked to was prepared and capable. By the time I reached her in person, my first touch point with the company left me frustrated. 
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Aside from my issue, an incorrect bill, I never received an email back from my initial complaint apologizing or thanking me for sharing my comments. Of course, not to mention my phone call was a maze through their automated phone system, pressing button after button just to get to someone who would listen. 

      Don’t let the pandemic be an excuse for poor systems, laziness, and bad experiences for your customers.” 

These bumps along the way of your customer experience can make it impossible for your customer service employee at the end of the line to salvage the relationship. Excellent interactions, consistently and across all touch points, are the basic foundation of a Magical Customer Experience. Each step of the customer journey impacts the potential for long-lasting customer relationships. 

Without systems and processes to create quality engagements with your customers, all other aspects of the customer journey will be for nothing. Providing your customers an adequate experience doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right, strategy, technology and personnel it can be easily attained. 

Today’s customers don’t just buy products or services. More and more, their purchase decisions revolve around buying into an imagination of receiving a good experience. The research shows that customers value seamless effective systems and personalized human service. We all make purchasing decisions based on the emotional interactions of both. 

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